The 7 Wonders


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 Fable is a Father again,  The 7 Wonders arrived November 30, 2006

 visit their puppy page at Hob Nob Farm Fable/Kindle Puppies


Proud Parents "Fable" and "Kindle"




"Topic" and "Steam"

The Calendar Boys                                                                                  Ready, Set, Go......




Hob Nob Inside Story


"Topic" is living here in Washington with his Sire Fable



                                                 7 months                                        14 months           


His litter name was McDreamy and he sure is!



Hob Nob Kindle the Flame

Daughter "SINGE"

"Singe" is living at Hob Nob Farm in Washington

 with her Dam Kindle and breeder Jan DeMello



                                       Quite the beautiful lady


Visit her page at Hob Nob Border Collies




Hob Nob Fire and Ice


"Steam" is living in Washington

 with his 튂rother QUAD Champion Slider also a Fable son



Hob Nob Fire and Ice, AX AXJ AD








One Year Old



                            7 months



3 months



Hob Nob Kiss the Dice

Daughter  "KISS"

  "Kiss" is living in Oklahoma





13 weeks



 Hob Nob Victory Assured

Daughter "TORY"

" Tory" is living in Maryland with her Hob Nob Cousin "ZZ"





Photos taken by Tory's Mom


Hob Nob Flying Sparks

Daughter "SPARKS"  

" Sparks" is living in California



One year being pretty and silly



                                    8 months



6 months



5�ths                         4 months   



Hob Nob Over the Moon

Daughter "LUNA"

"Luna " is living in California




Visit The Fab 4


- Fable's Previous litter with "Chisel" Hob Nob Etched in Stone born 9/16/03




Visit Fable's Hob Nob Page 

                                              Fable as a puppy



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Last updated: 05/20/2010        ⰰ8, 2007, 2006


McDreamy - Topic, 2 dot - Kiss, 1 dot - Sparks, Double Diamond - Tory, RFWF - Singe, RF - Luna, McSteamy (RM) - Steam