Party of 5


 Sequel and Topic had 5 beautiful puppies.  They arrived February 17, 2010

 visit their puppy page at Hob Nob Farm Topic/Sequel Puppies


Proud Papa Topic






Hob Nob Perfect Reflection "VIVID"


Vivid" lives in Texas







Photos taken by Jennifer Vivid's owner





Hob Nob Off Topic "CAPER"

"Caper" lives in California













Hob Nob Missing Piece "JIG"

"Jig" lives in Texas     Click here to see video






Hob Nob New Moon Rising "SELENE"



"Selene" lives in New Jersey



"Rex" lives in California







Visit Topic's  Hob Nob Page 

                                              Topic as a puppy



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Last updated: 06/17/2012        2010


Mardi - Vivid, Rhea- Selene, Endymion - Caper, Revel - Jig, Rex